Welcome to the Official Store of Definity Network!

Definity Network provides various Ranks and In-Game Items which can be bought, do note that most of these items are cosmetic only! Everything you buy on our webstore is permanent and will never expire. Normally our product will be delivered within 5 minutes, but it can take up to 12 hours. If any problems occur, contact us!

Payment Methods

Currently we support the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Ideal (Contact us on Discord)

      We are always busy finding new payment methods, we are also searching for a more suitable Ideal implementation. If you are not able to pay with any of these 2 methods, contact us on our mail or on Discord. NOTE: all payments are non-refundable!

      Where do my donations go?

      All Donations will be used to further increase our player experience. Obviously, we will first pay our monthly server costs. The most important thing is, we will keep existing, increasing your fun with new ideas, and you will get cool Ranks & Items! 

      Terms and Conditions

      Click here to view our Terms and conditions.

      Server Status

      Top of the year

      50.00 EUR
      Recent Payments


      1x Diamond


      1x Fixed Donation (€10.00)

      If you need support you can contact us on our Mail or Discord! support@definitynetwork.net